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ABS Resin


ABS resin is a terpolymer of three monomers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, and has the common properties of the three components. Therefore, ABS has good rigidity, high impact strength, good heat resistance, good resistance for low temperature, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties. It is easy for processing, as it has good processing dimensional stability and surface gloss. It is also easy to paint and color, and can also be sprayed, secondary processing such as electroplating, welding and bonding.

The largest application areas of ABS resin are household appliances, office equipment, transportation, daily necessities, toys and building materials. It is also used in packaging, furniture, sports and entertainment, machinery and instrumentation industries.


Zhejiang Petrochemical adopts the emulsion method technology to build the ABS plant and its corresponding supporting facilities, and the products are mainly high-grade general materials. The total planned production capacity of the project is 1.6 million tons/year, which will be constructed in two phases, and the designed capacity of the first phase is 400,000 tons/year.

ABS Specification

SpecificationGeneral GradePlate GradeFlame Retardant Grade
FeaturesHigh stiffness. High glossHigh impact resistanceHigh impact resistance.
Extrusion molding
Flame retardance
ApplicationHome appliances. Electronic and electrical
Helmet, heels, bags etc.Pipes, refrigerator parts, etc.Control box, battery,
socket, etc.

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ABS Resin Physical property

Physical property categoryTestmethodTest conditionsUnitABS General GradeABS Plate GradeABS Flame
Retardant Grade
Tensile StrengthGB/T1040.250 mm/minMpa47424038
Flexural StrengthGB/T93412mm/minMpa76636158
Flexural StrengthGB/T93412mm/minMpa2700200018002000
Izod ImpactGB/T1043.14mm,23℃KJ/m20353520
Vicat Softening PointGB/T1633B
Melt Flow RateGB/T3682.1220℃,10kgg/10min18-245-87-1038-48
Specific GravityD792-g/cm1.
Molding ShrinkageD955%0.4-0.70.4-0.70.3-0.6
FeaturesHigh stiffness. High glossHigh impact resistanceHigh impact resistance. Extrusion moldingFlame retardance

The above data are representative values measured under specific conditions, not guaranteed values. The guaranteed values are the standards of our company for record.


Parameters For ReferenceUnitABS General GradeABS Plate GradeABS
Flame Retardant Grade
Drying Temperature808070-8070-80
Drying Timehrs2-42-42-42-4
Minimum Moisture Content%
Melting Temperature210-240210-240200-230200-230
Barrel TemperatureBack Section180-200180-200170-190
Middle Section190-210190-220180-200
Front Section200-210200-220190-200
Nozzle Temperature200-220200-230200-230
Mold Temperature40-7040-7040-60
Back PressureBar10-3010-305-10
Screw SpeedRpm30-6030-6030-60

(1) The back pressure and screw speed mentioned above are only general guidelines;
(2) In certain cases, such as low-speed injection molding, thin-wall molding and gas-assisted molding, these data may not be applicable or need to be adjusted for use;
(3) In order to prevent the material from degrading in the die before shutdown, or the material flowing out of the extrusion stage, it is recommended that the initial setting temperature be slightly lower.